BALAMURUGAN TVS  is in existence since 1997 owned by  Mr. R.Sampathn Kumar

Who is basically  with business interest.

The  dealership was made into a corporate identity standard with sales and service and Parts under one roof  with all facilities originally at Tirupattur.  Subsequently the Dealership got expanded to vaniambadi  on take
over basis along with Ambur as an Independent  outlet similar  to Main outlet.

In order to reach customer personalized service  branch offices were opened at

Kandili/Natrampalli/Gudiyattam .Cvering   wide area of operation so as to achieve

After  sales service 5000 vehilces per month.

During  the year 2008 to strength the market vellore Main dealership taken over on
Partnership with Mr.A.Gnanasekaran with the branch outlets at Ranipet /Ocheri/
Sholingur/Arokonam covering further aftersales service 5000 nos per month.

TVS AS A BRAND PRODUCT have a pride of place with the latest technology
With independent  manufacturing capability having a very strong R & D  base.

The dealership is equipped with trained staff who could attend to customer needs
With specific  standards.  The principal company provides all assistance in regulating
All areas of peration especially on sales/service/spares.

Year  on year the sales have been increased with all markeing activities along with new
Products launching in a very special way and popularized  in the market with proper Demonstration  and pop materials. The Turnover –monthly average : 2 crores 88 lakhs.

Market research conducted as a paramount importance. Hence a separate agency engaged
To assess on the dealership performance year to year and suggest ways to know their Scope of improvement so as to achieve highest customer satisfaction.

Dealership put innovative ideas mainly to focus customer attention which will add up to
Value for money on customer purchases monthly performance evaluated counted to overall yearly performance by the principal company with which may awards and accolades/ appreciations/Mementos extended to M/s. Balamurugan TVS with the significant achievements. The dealership puts in terms of numbers with a committed team work to excel in all sphere of activity both in terms of numbers and turnover and customer satisfaction. For the year 2011 – 2012 highest and first rank award was extended by TVS MOTOR COMPANY to M/s. Balamurugan TVS  Vellore.

Market share has been consistently maintained in mopeds 98% scooty 65% and 32% in Motorcycles.



a)      BALAMURUGAN RESIDENCY. With the growing tourist population and increasing personalised transports, there arise for professional hoteling with residency it was thought fit by Mr. R. Sampath Kumar to open up Balamurugan Residency at tirupattur with good environmental and ambience/ sophistication/ comfort luxurious –A/c with good customer Attendance especially variety of

Food provided along with  comfortable stay rooms. It is well  established and

Continue to earn reputation among the customers both in local and outskirts

Tourists who drop in regularly The turn over of the balamurugan residency

On an monthly average seventeen lakhs 40 thousand

A)    Deepika finance:  With the urge to buy personalized two wheeler customers wants to get easy finace where there family friendly flexi finance
      eepika finance come  to  their need unlike other finances who demand on
Cheques /guarantee on own house as security /More down payment/lesser        tenure period -----a different strategy is devised
By deepika finance where VERY LOW DOWN PAYMENT/LONG TENURE/A VERY REASONABLE INTEREST IS given to the customers
Who willing take up this as an option. With all reputation and customer      goodwill the monthly enrolment of customers and volume of financing to
     Customers have been gradually  increasing ----to 300     new customers
      With 85 lakhs as a monthly turn over on redeployment basis.

c)      World of Titan:  With the advent of fashion and  attraction  and which have become necessisity  of  both Urban and rural population who run on time 99%
      Wants to know the time , the titan  watch as a market leader – Balamurugan group
       Have seized the semse of requirement of the general public and have started
 The Watch  company (TATA PRODUCT) with variety of  models as well as   range of value based  Collections where all walks of customers pouing in to  purchase and go with Full satisfaction .  ON an average 1250 customers  with  15.0 lakhs turnover  Made  up. Services  OF WATCHES ARE also undertaken
With  the trained staff who delivers with  more of courtesy and pride.

d)     Balamurugan Transport:  Balamurugan  group  owns transportation as an allied
To two wheeler business through which  only TVS PRODUCTS –TWO WHEELERS   are transported to various destinations – through out south with
The  fleet  strength  will be of 23 nos and apart from that demo vans/pick up vans/
Personal and executive cars are  maintained. On an average  55000 litres are consumed with  revenue earning  from TVS MOTOR COMPANY  35 to 40 lakhs
On monthly basis.

e)      Bam retailing:  With  the changing  times  there is  a demand for  wearing
Foot wear both for Ladies and gents/Children is  being  exhibited  at  Vellore Katpadi Road  which  is a busy market place with  BATA  Brand  showroom . Many  Customes  are pouring in  as  a all  time Seasonal Wear . Many varieties
And ranges of products suiting  to the value  based are offered to customers who
Satisfactorily  make purchases  which are  of  durability/long life Wear. The no
Of customers  on monthly average 900  customers visit the shop who contributes
Rs: 4.0 to 5.0  lakhs  as a monthly turn over.

f)       Jaya School of  Nursing:  Since  many  Government  and Private Hospitals
Have sprung  up  both in  rural and urban , the  demand for  Nursing with
Which  Balamuurgan  Group have thought it  fit  and  right  to start a Nursing
Training  Centre  where 200 students are given proper training  with practical
Knowledge and  emergency  attendance methods to attend on patients and hospital requirements.  The Ladies hostel are also provided with  hygiene and
Good condition --  where “A PLACE  TO,LEARN AND A PLACE TO GROW”
POLICY especially  young female  students who  shall  be  given  opportunity
To  get attached to hospitals of repute.    

Contact :

HR: 7373743310
HR Asst:7373743097,7373740307
Sales Manager:7373743090
Sales Manager:7373743391
Service Manager:7373743312
Sparce Manager:7373743361
Land Line:

Address :
Balamurugan Automobiles.
93/3, New Bye Pass Road
Near Hotel GRT

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